Safely explore nature’s panorama and magical beaches this summer!

Our horizons may have shrunk somewhat during the COVID-19 pandemic, but nature’s panorama is still there, waiting to be explored.

Golden beaches, turquoise waves and sun-warmed waters with all the space to picnic, play, snooze and watch the sun sink beyond the horizon as the skies blaze pink, purple and gold. Welcome to summer and magical beach days in Parks Canada places. Where will your adventures take you this year? Get inspired with a few of these beautiful beach picks.

Shallow Bay, Gros Morne National Park

 Newfoundland and Labrador

Visitors walk into the water on Shallow Bay Beach

Where else in the world could you walk where geologists proved the plate tectonic theory and then enjoy a picnic on a white sand beach with sun-warmed water to paddle in? Surrounded by rocks, cliffs and fjords, and far from the crowds, stay to savour those spectacular sunsets over the North Atlantic Ocean.

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Ingonish Beach, Cape Breton Highlands National Park

 Nova Scotia

The blue waters of Cape Breton National Park.

Experience two wonders nature creates at Ingonish Beach— just from the power of waves. Each year the sand washes away in winter, but returns thanks to tidal patterns in spring. Jump between freshwater and saltwater with only a beach cobblestone ‘barachois’ in-between! This coastal lagoon wears the stones into cobbles, blocking off a cove. This creates a warm freshwater lake right on the beach!

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Wapizagonke Lake, La Mauricie National Park

A woman sipping coffee beside her canoes at Lake Wapizagonke.

Only two hours from Montreal lies the gorgeous, ever serene Wapizagonke Lake. Relax in the still waters or gather some friends and make an adventure out of it! Escape the crowd and visit Waber Falls, a majestic waterfall involving 9.2 km of canoeing and 6.9 km of hiking (round-trip)! Or bask in the sun on one of the many beaches and soak in the beauty of this special place.

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Northwest Beach, Point Pelee National Park


The light blue waters of Northwest Beach.

Turquoise waters and golden sands await at Canada’s most southern point! The west and east sides of the peninsula are framed by 20 km of sandy beach. Hike to the Tip (or take the free shuttle) to learn more about the spring and fall songbird and monarch butterfly migrations. It’s so much more fun when you understand more about what’s out there!

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Clear Lake, Riding Mountain National Park


A visitor paddle boarding at sunset on Clear lake.

Take to the lake and paddle-board into the sunset at this popular spot where the prairies, forest and parkland meet. Soft sandy beaches and shady trees await after your voyage across the sparkling waters. Shower outdoors or use the washrooms and change rooms at the main beach area here before enjoying the fun of Wasagaming townsite or even a free lake-side concert.

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Lake Edith, Jasper National Park


Scenic shot of a canoe on the shore of lake Edith.

Sure, the water in this glacier-fed lake is chilly, but who needs to splash around when the view’s as incredible as this? Ringed by the soaring Rocky Mountains, pull up one of our Red Chairs and snap a selfie with that extraordinary turquoise water view, or head out on the water and see if it’s really that colour all the way across!

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Long Beach, Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

 British Columbia

Sunset at Long Beach with breaking waves.

Picture Pacific Ocean waves crashing on golden sands strewn with wave-smoothed driftwood. Join the year-round wetsuit-clad surfers riding the waves or challenge yourself to paddle the shoreline in a kayak. With 22 km of beaches and 12 km of trails to explore, fringed with temperate rainforest of gigantic western red cedars and western hemlock, leave footprints and take home memories.

 Visit Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

Kathleen Lake, Kluane National Park and Reserve


Northern Lights over Kathleen Lake.

Not every beach memory comes with a side of sand; this pebble-stone beach on the shores of Kathleen Lake serves up one of the most amazing views—day or night—surrounded by stunning mountain scenery of the southwest Yukon. And who needs sand when you can soak up the rays under the Midnight Sun or wrap up, lie back under a blanket and marvel at the dancing lights of the aurora borealis?

Visit Parks Canada website regularly to know what’s open, what you can expect and how to prepare. Your  experiences will be different than in past seasons but rest assured, great trips can be had while adapting to the current situation.

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