Architecture in Athens; Scenery in Santorini!

– by Akshaya Iyer

A trip to Greece is perfect for a family vacation to explore a rich culture, eat fresh and healthy food, see some amazing architecture, and to enjoy nice beaches. 

To begin a day in Athens, for breakfast head to a small cafe that will greet you with some fresh yogurt, smoothies, and juices. For the majority of the day, explore the city. In Athens, exploring the city is the most interesting part: seeing new buildings, looking at the history behind them, and exploring the culture of the people. In Athens, the Parethenon in Acropolis, for example, is a temple that was made for the Greek goddess Athena. This gives an insight into the Athenian culture because of their belief in Athena being the goddess of wisdom. Furthermore, in the Acropolis, the Temple of Olympian Zeus, Temple of Athena Nike, Theater of Dionysus, and other rich architecture can be seen.

For a yummy fresh meal take a walk from the Acropolis to Avocado for fresh smoothies, salads, soups, and burgers. Once it starts getting dark, head to the Monastiraki Flea Market to get cool souvenirs and a good walk down the city of Athens. 

For more of a beach vacation take a short trip from Athens to any of the Greek islands like Santorini. In Santorini, take a trip to Perissa Black Sand Beach for a breathtaking view of cliffs and mountains along with the beach. After going to the Black Sand Beach head to the Red Beach to see the beautiful red cliff just by the beach. When the sun is starting to set, go to Oía to get a beautiful view of the water, to see blue-domed churches, and to enjoy nice walking paths. In the walking paths, yummy food, fresh smoothies, and souvenirs can also be found.

Once the pandemic is over, make sure your next vacation in Greece to get a fun-filled and exciting experience!

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