A(lps) to Z(urich) of Swiss Saga: Majestic Mountains, Creamy Chocolates!

-by Ishwarya Iyer

From the yummy melting cheese fondues, heavenly creamy chocolates, to the majestic mountains, Switzerland is truly the place to be! Switzerland is filled with delicious food, rich culture, and wonderful sites to see. From the bustling city of Zurich to the tranquil city of Geneva, both cities are a must-see when in Switzerland.


Hands down, the best part of Switzerland is the food it has to offer. You’ll want to start your day off by eating a yummy and filling meal since you will be on your feet the whole day. Head to Le Dézaley, for some yummy fondue. Order a cheese fondue and some hot bread to get the Swiss experience. For dessert, get a sweet chocolate fondue with some fruit to complete your meal in the best way possible. 


After your scrumptious meal, it’s time to head to the mountains to get the best view of Switzerland. To get to Mount Titlis, first, take a train to get up to the midpoint of Titlis. As the train climbs up the mountain, you will be able to hear the serene sound of bells as the cows in the mountain gracefully sway side to side. Once the train has reached the midpoint, you will take a cable car up to the peak of the mountain. Here, enjoy the ride up to the mountain as the cable car climbs higher and higher. Once you’ve reached the top, take all the pictures possible. The beautiful view of the scenic mountain and city of Zurich can be seen.

Old Town Zurich

After your day spent at Titlis, head over to Old Town Zurich to enjoy the streets of Zurich in the evening. Here, make your way over to Bindella, for some yummy Italian pizza. To cool off the evening, head over to Hasta Ice Cream to get some creamy gelato. Then, walk through the streets of the small Old Town and explore the unique shops.

Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva is a beautiful lake that is surrounded by the Swiss Alps. The lake is located between Southwestern Switzerland and Southeastern France. Take a ferry boat across the lake to see some breathtaking views. 

As soon as you can, pack your bags and get ready to see the most beautiful place filled with a variety of scenes, culture, and delicious food.

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