Outdoor Living! Ornamental Lighting!

An open space with a shed in the corner and some form of a lawn combined with weeds! How does that become an ideal outdoor living space? A backyard worth enjoying from Spring through Fall season! As homeowners, we lived with this unappealing space for a few years.

What then, was the reason to renovate the backyard this year? COVID 19 has taught us all a new way of living, a new ‘normal’.  No exotic travel plans, no picnics on the beaches, restricted park visits. To top that, kids back from University plan to stay home for some time in the foreseeable future! A desire for entertaining space and play area in addition to the family member’s green thumb- a combination of all these made the extreme makeover a possibility and a reality!

To begin with, we put down stones to create a clear path from our house to our backyard. We also lined our garden path with solar lanterns for soft lighting. To add a natural pop of color to our landscape, we got some flowers from the local nursery and a few pots to fill with our favorite blossoms! We now have enough greenery to lend color to space, but won’t have to spend a lot of time mowing the lawn every weekend.

Accenting the exterior of our home with natural elements, from flora and fauna to the pear tree, the herbs, stonework, and water features make it a very inviting space and a restful retreat! The best part of the whole project of creating our mini oasis has been accomplished without breaking the bank. We could implement several of these ideas by not spending a fortune-but by looking for deals and shopping sensibly.

The addition of a gazebo, a hot tub, and patio furniture inspire us to enjoy the backyard as a place for relaxing! It’s now a serene and beautiful place conducive for outdoor living.

To bring comfort to the outdoor porch, some pretty cushions and pillows, extends a family room feel into the backyard. Decorative accents, a fire table, and plenty of space for resting drinks and plates make backyard living easy. Solar lighting illuminates the relaxing space at sunset!

The final element in an outdoor renovation is the ‘Buddha’ water fountain with soothing waterfall sounds, that makes this backyard a favorite gathering spot!

This area now serves as a great retreat when you need a bit of solitude, for your morning meditation but at the same time, it provides a perfect setting for catching up with family and friends!

Whether we have a tiny courtyard in an urban metro or a sprawling estate in the suburbs, the key to creating an outdoor haven, the key is to come up with creative ideas! Go ahead, transform your own patios, yards, gardens, and make the most of your natural surroundings! Without further ado, allow these outdoor beauties to pave the way to better living!


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