Fit in Walking; Feel Wonderful!

-By Ishwarya Iyer

Summer 2020! With all of the time available in the world, taking walks is a great way to pass that time. The benefits of walking are endless. Just taking a small stroll every day will improve health and mood.

Obviously, the biggest reason that most people walk is for the multiple health benefits that walking offers. First off, it will improve sleep health. By walking, the effects of melatonin will increase, allowing for an increased quality of sleep. A simple walk also gets the heart rate up, improving cardiac health. 

So, when is the best time for a walk? Head out for a stroll in the evening, around 7-8:00 PM. At this time of the day,  you will be able to enjoy the summer breeze and avoid the warm mugginess from earlier in the day. As you walk,  you can look at the cotton candied sky and the amazing sunsets. In the evening, a lot of animals can also be seen. Most people take their dogs out for walks at this time, bunnies are chasing each other, and sometimes frogs can even be seen at this time. Nature is the best to enjoy at this time of the day.

Where is the best place to take a walk? You can take a walk anywhere you want. But, the best place for a walk is a nature trail surrounded by trees. Here, nature is all around you, and trails give you the best exercise since trails are usually very steep. The best scenes of nature are here, so enjoy it.

Grab a pair of comfortable walking shoes, a water bottle, and head out for a walk on a beautiful nature trail!

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