Awestruck in Australia! Cool Kangaroos, Cute Koalas!

-By Akshaya Iyer

I vividly remember our fantastic trip to Australia, a couple of years ago as a little girl! It was such an awesome vacation!

For a fun-filled, warm, and beachy vacation choose Australia! This is a perfect destination to take a family vacation as there’s plenty to do and see for all! This is an out-and-out fun place as there are a variety of activities: beaches, wonderful buildings, zoos, and more!

In the daytime, begin your trip by going to Bondi Beach to get some Vitamin D! Enjoy the deep blue waves crashing on the shores along with the golden sunshine. Also, while you’re there don’t forget to check out the yummy ice cream shops nearby! Indulge yourself!

When it starts getting dark, head to the Sydney Harbour Bridge for a wonderful view of the water. The bridge is lit up and looks very picturesque with breathtaking scenery!  Then, go to the Sydney Opera House which is close by and be sure to grab a few pictures in front of the famous building! You can find some yummy food, amazing performances and awesome music. 

To add to this fun experience, head to the zoo to visit the kangaroos and koalas. While you’re there you can get some cool snapshots while posing with the animals and you can even feed the koalas and kangaroos. And, of course, you can definitely not miss the Great Barrier Reef: the world’s largest coral reef!  The best ever! There, you can find unique sea creatures and see the beautiful blue waters of the Coral Sea.

 Finally, before heading out be sure to head to any grocery store nearby and pick up Tim Tams by Arnotts for a delicious treat! This popular treat unique to Australia, is a rich, chocolatey biscuit that will leave you craving for more and more. 

When thinking about a good family vacation, don’t hesitate to include Australia in your plans!

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