SoCal Family Shares Expert, Eco-Friendly tips to grow your own food!

Save $100s on Monthly Food Bill ; Eco-Family Shares Tips for Families on a Budget

As the uncertainty over the coronavirus continues, many Americans are keeping a close
eye on their bills. One primary source of expense? Monthly food bills! The monthly
average for a family of four is $944 a month. One family in San Diego is gaining
attention for their personal tips on living a frugal – yet eco-friendly -lifestyle.
Meet Fredrika Syren, who along with her husband James and their three children Bella,
Noah and Liam. This family of five challenged themselves to live a “frugal month” –
which means healthy, plant-based food for the entire family, for only $100 a week.

With nearly 70,000 followers on Facebook, they’ve shared the tips and the ups-and-downs of
trying to maintain this. All while living in quarantine, homeschooling, and working from home. Is it
difficult? Of course! But as Fredrika explains life during a pandemic means that, “no other time has
it been as important to eat healthy to be as healthy as possible.”

How can you get started? From meal planning, to knowing what to cut back on, farmer’s markets and
figuring out what to freeze, Fredrika and James have figured it out, week by week.

In the past this family saved an estimated $18,000 a year but Covid-19 put a strain on
their finances as well, and challenged their family and others to save even more. Even
following 2 of their tips can help the average American family save 25% on their weekly
grocery budget! Their journey is detailed at, their Instagram,
Facebook, and YouTube page.

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