Metamorphosis: A Viral Trilogy, an audio drama written by Toronto novelist launches August 17th!

A Pandemic-inspired audio drama Trilogy from André Alexis
Internationally acclaimed, multiple award-winning Toronto novelist André Alexis has teamed up with local experimental theatre company Volcano to create a new audio drama Metamorphosis: a Viral Trilogy. Launching on August 17 with new episodes added on August 24 and 31, the series is a co-presentation between TO Live, SummerWorks, and Canadian Stage.
Created in collaboration with Volcano’s founding Artistic Director Ross Manson, sound designer Debashis Sinha, and a trio of acclaimed Canadian actors – Bahia Watson, Becky Johnson and Diana Leblanc – Metamorphosis charts the progress of a fictional global pandemic in Canada’s largest city through three fictional diaries.
These audio-journals – from a 13-year old girl (Lucretia); a 30-year-old woman (Kerri); and an 86-year old
senior (Nella) – are funny, intimate, and often fantastical.
The first episode, Lucretia in Quarantine, centres on a 13-year-old caring for a 7-year-old sister who,
in the absence of parents, has decided to adopt a baby racoon. Lucretia’s diary beautifully explores
loneliness, love and family in a time of extremity. Lucretia in Quarantine launches on August 17 at
In the second installment, Kerri Wonders, a 30-year-old woman takes a pill in a moment of abandon
after years in quarantine. Kerri’s diary chronicles how the pill transforms her life in a post-pandemic
world. Kerri Wonders launches on August 24 at
The final episode of the series, Nella at 86, follows an octogenarian in a long-term care home at the
start of a global pandemic. Her diary is a clear-sighted account from someone who is no stranger to
loss. Nella at 86 launches on August 31 at
The three diaries each run approximately 35 minutes. For the full impact of the sound and music, they
are best listened to through headphones. Transcriptions for Deaf and hard-of-hearing audiences will
also be available.

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