Kamala Harris: An ideal representative of what America is-diverse, intelligent, and young!

They See Blue Supports Kamala Devi Harris as Vice Presidential Nominee

They See Blue is proud to learn Kamala Devi Harris has been named Vice Presidential Nominee of the Democratic Party this November. In addition to being a second-generation South Asian, she is exquisitely suited to the duties and office of the Vice Presidency.

Kamala is a fierce advocate of justice as displayed through her time as an attorney, prosecutor, and Attorney General of California. She is immensely qualified, capable, and the ideal representative of what America is: Diverse, intelligent, and young. We at They See Blue are proud of Kamala for embracing both sides of her heritage and showcasing how integral the South Asian community is to the fabric of this country.

“As an Indian American woman, I am ecstatic to see Kamala selected. I hope Indian Americans show their support for this ticket by coming out to vote for the Biden-Harris ticket in droves. Turnout in our community has not been as high in the past, and I hope this election changes that! It is very inspiring to see a woman of color and of Indian heritage step up to the national stage in a leadership role. I sure hope it inspires other women and girls like my daughter to dream big, take chances and step up!” explains Sangeeta Ramakrishnan of They See Blue. 

This November we encourage all communities to vote for Biden-Harris and all Democrats on the ballot. It is clear the Democratic Party is the only party that values and respects the South Asian Community.

About They See Blue

They See Blue’s mission is to mobilize and engage Americans of South Asian origin in the democratic process to help Democrats win federal, state, and local races. They See Blue was founded in July 2018 in California, with the goal of using cultural connection to support progressive South Asian civic engagement. The organization currently has over 20 chapters nationwide, over 2000 members and has engaged over 10,000 voters.


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