Shores of Sentosa in the City, Country of Singapore!

-By Akshaya Iyer

Looking for a good travel spot after this pandemic is over? Consider  Singapore if you would like to enjoy the warm weather, beautiful views, and fresh food. Include Malaysia in your travel plans which is just a drive away from Singapore or Thailand and Indonesia which are also quite close to Singapore!

When booking your hotel stay, make sure to spend a day at Marina Bay, so you could have fun in the infinity pool while taking in a breathtaking view. 

In the evening, we head to the Merlion,  the iconic mascot of Singapore! Walking around, taking memorable pictures, and meeting up with some local friends was awesome! At night, we arrive at the Gardens by the Bay to witness nature’s beauty at it’s best! The surreal sights, lush greenery, beautiful plants, are simply marvelous! 

For those who love India and everything Indian, there’s plenty to do in Little India Singapore. Explore this bustling neighborhood, which is located east of the Singapore River for shopping as well as trying out authentic cuisines.  This popular pastime area has several religious sites, such as Hindu and Buddhist temples. as well.

My family and I also enjoyed our visit to the Singapore Zoo where we get to see some incredible, scenic waterfalls and rare animals(Inuka, Ah Meng, etc.). The best part about Singapore Zoo was how most animals are not caged but kept in large enclosures with fences. The semi-open enclosures and tropical jungle environment give visitors a stimulating experience since the animals are very active.

The highlight of our sightseeing was that we took a train to Sentosa and experience a beautiful view of the city as the train approached the island. Once in Sentosa, we spent a relaxing day in  Palawan Beach,  enjoying the bright blue water, ice-creams, fresh coconut water, and other treats! Later on, we made our way to  Adventure Cove Waterpark for a thrill-seeking adventure on the waterslides!

Singapore has 3 main cultures living together in harmony,  and a peaceful feel that’s unique to this island nation. While departing from Changi Airport, you feel how extraordinary and special  Singapore is!

Can’t wait for my next visit back to this awesome city/country!

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