Priceless Prague: Charming, Cultural Czech City!

-By Ishwarya Iyer

It’s the Czech Republic! Prague ranks as one of my top choice in European city breaks!

Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is filled with so much history, art, and so many wonderful, historical sites to admire. 

Charles Bridge

If you have ever heard of Prague, Charles Bridge is definitely something you know of. This is the tourist hotspot of Prague and place to be. The cobblestoned bridge is truly a magnificent experience to walk across. As you walk across, it will be bustling with tourists, souvenirs, and authentic Czech music. The best part of Charles Bridge is that the Prague Castle can be seen from the bridge.

Old Town Square

Old Town Square is the heart of Prague. The square is filled with years and years of history, as it is the main square of historical Prague. The early Gothic style architecture can be seen all over the square. The square is packed with historical churches and buildings. But, one of the most famous sites to be seen, is the Astronomical Clock.

Astronomical Clock

The Astronomical Clock is one of the world’s oldest astronomical clocks to still be working today. At around 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM, the 12 apostles in the clock start their parade around the clock when it chimes. This is a site that you will not want to leave Prague without seeing.

Whether you visit in the summer or during the festive atmosphere of the Christmas markets, you will definitely fall for the city’s medieval charm!

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