Devotees Get Darshan! Do Daan, Pilgrims Perform Pooja!

Devotees Get Darshan! Do Daan, Pilgrims Perform Pooja!

Temples Online Inc (TOL), is excited to announce that they are blessed, privileged and honoured to be the exclusive partner for My Tirth India (MTI) for 23 countries including Canada and USA.

My Tirth India (, is a pilgrimage and darshan oriented organisation based in India, giving pilgrims and tourists a great opportunity to explore various religious activities via one-stop portal to travel around India’s top religious destinations.

Temples Online (, a Toronto based company, established in 2005, provide information regarding auspicious religious events, temple locations, supply traditional books and pooja items and most importantly enable devotees to schedule poojas online.

Through this partnership, Temples Online connects people who believe in Hindu, Sikh, Jain and Buddhist philosophy living in different parts of the world to perform all their traditional rituals, poojas and darshan with ease and enable travel to pilgrimage sites in India without having to make any compromises.

Even our carefully chosen logo represents the essence of our philosophy at its core. The background colour symbolizes holiness, the font symbolizes the relation to Sanskrit scriptures and the font colour symbolizes the spiritual path to the Almighty.

Who We Are: Here’s a brief intro to our executive team.

Neel Venugopal is a founding member of Temples Online which was established in 2005. Since childhood Neel has been spiritual and has worked for several social causes including fundraising for orphanages and victims of natural calamities, coordinating donation of food and clothes to the under privileged, free educational lessons, tree planting, environmental conservation and animal rights. A daily practitioner of yoga and is a keen follower of traditional Indian customs, music and rituals. Neel has an MBA from University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management and lives with his wife and two children in Toronto, Ontario.

Balaji Ramgopal (Bala): A passionate, multi tasking personality Bala has a degree in Economics and a Post Graduate diploma in Journalism. He has tremendous experience working with a large Global Travel Industry leader SITA in a top management position. There onwards, he was hand picked by the international conglomerate from Oman known as ” Saud Bahwan group” to join their Tours and Leisure of “National Travel & Tourism “. Currently Bala is the COO of specialised luxury leisure travel company based in Dubai, UAE.

Travel leader SITA not only set the professional career path but personal life as well.  He was lucky to meet his soul mate Ms. Rekha Balaji, daughter of V. Balaji Iyer, a famous businessman in Iran & UAE and an industrialist turned astrologer specialised in “NADI”. Tanishq their son true to his name believes in finding his own path with creative ideals.

Swaminathan Sitaraman is fondly called as “Swami” was fortunate to be born in an orthodox family with 11 siblings. In his current role Swami heads a company which deals with over 43 tour operators from different part of the world promoting tourism into Kerala / South India. Swami was blessed by his Guru – Kanchi Maha Periyavar with whose grace he got married to Mrs.Annapoorani and they are proud to have two career-oriented and peace-loving sons.  Both their sons are versatile in their own way of multilingual (German & French), elder one is a successful practising lawyer and younger one is employed in Europe.

Swami is a dynamic, progressive thinker and is now on a mission of training the younger generations to show how to succeed and live happily. He currently lives with his family between two south Indian cities of Cochin and Chennai.


Usha Pudukkotai, a versatile entrepreneur has a Master’s in Economics and has been running a successful Indo-Canadian publication ‘Namaste Newsline’ for over a decade. She has won several awards and has been recognized as a top female journalist in Toronto, Canada. Her spiritual inclination and passion for contributing to the society is the reason she has been volunteering in the local Temple as Bal Vihar teacher for kids. She has developed a curriculum for children to learn simple shlokas with their meanings in English.  For the past several years, she has directed plays, dance dramas and coordinated bhajan performances on religious occasions.


With our combined and varied experience and a strong spiritual connect, this vibrant, dedicated team is focused on providing Devotees with the best possible spiritual journey. Come join us in this ‘Yatra’ and seek the blessings of the Almighty!

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