Spain Special: Churches & Churros in Beautiful Barcelona!

–By Akshaya Iyer

If you’re looking for an adventurous destination with breathtaking architecture, rich culture, and yummy desserts, head to Barcelona, Spain!

To get a good taste into the culture of Spain, and to see the wonderful architecture, head to La Sagrada Familia! This is one of the most famous churches in the world! The work on the Basilica is breathtaking inside and out. 

Another great architectural sight is the Cathedral of Barcelona. This site has very intricate details and is a spectacular sight. There is also good music to enjoy and some nice places to get coffee and grab a quick bite. To view some more cool sculptures, go to Park Guell which has a nice path to walk down and has some good food as well!

Then, for a wonderful array of food head to the Mercado de La Boqueria and you’ll find something for everyone to eat! This really gives an insight into the popular cultural foods in Spain!

In the evening, go shopping for some cool souvenirs for family and friends! A good place to go is La Rambla. This is also a really good place to just walk and relax. Similarly, the Placa de Catalunya is a nice area to browse around, enjoy some delicious food and souvenirs to buy!

What you certainly want to do in Spain is to go to a small cafe and pick up the most famous dessert: chocolate churros. The chocolate is a liquid, creamy, thick, delicious sauce to dip the churros in. Also, there should be plenty of cafes with good macaroons to try!

This city is the perfect place to get exposure to the Spanish culture, taste yummy foods, and see lots of cool churches and buildings!

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