Long Weekend in Muskoka! Lakes, Waterfalls & Magical Skies!

Labour Day weekend is always a bittersweet holiday because it marks the unofficial end of summer! It’s time to end your vacation and get back and settle into your routine- school, university, or whatever it maybe!

This year, we remain in Ontario, given that Covid 19 prohibits us from traveling to exotic destinations and far away places.  So, we decided to escape the city (GTA) and take a road trip to explore some of the cool cities and towns on the outskirts!  Being nature lovers, our family opted to take a short drive up to Muskoka, the city of lakes.

It was, in our opinion a smart choice, as this is the perfect weekend getaway to leave the urban world for a bit. The 1,600 lakes, miles, and miles of shoreline, beautiful, beaches, and green countryside made the drive so worthwhile. We had a great 2 and a half days, as we got to soak up the sun, enjoy the fresh air and breathtaking views! From those private-island villas to cottages and retreats, there is a definite ambiance to Muskoka that draws visitors from all parts of the country.

The blue waters and beaches in and around Kawartha, Bala, Gravenhurst, and so on attract your attention, but the hiking is equally worthy of your time. Lots of scenic trails take you to the hidden wilderness for even better views of the landscape.  Our kids enjoyed lunchtime picnics on the beaches like Bass lake, Windsor Park, and hikes on waterfront trails.

The highlight of our daytime activities was Wilson’s Falls, the fiercest, and most picturesque falls. The Muskoka river takes an S-curve here as it tumbles down a long cascade. To get close to the falls, get on the Wilson’s Falls Trail.  We had a wonderful time discovering this waterfall and clicking some amazing pictures. The weather was just great, the local residents were very friendly in directing us as to where to go through the trails.  The scenery was awesome, and it was fun climbing those rocks!

Another place that deserves a mention is the Torrance Barrens Dark Sky Preserve. We were fortunate that on the night we went, the sky was perfectly clear, and we had a fantastic time viewing billions of stars, including shooting stars! It was great to see the sky without light pollution and I would love to drive back there as the panorama of the twilight amidst all the nature was incredible.

Of course, we had to have to Indian food and discovered this little restaurant ‘Marigold’ which offers amazing Indian, Thai and Chinese food in the quaint town of Bracebridge. Garlic naan and paneer masala were perfect additions to our main course. The enthusiastic staff who politely and happily served us made our dinner even more enjoyable!

A picturesque place, packed with wonderful experiences and adventures awaits you two hours north of Toronto via a 400 series highway, Revisit it often at different seasons to make your magical memories!

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