‘फिटनेस की डोज़, आधा घंटा रोज’

Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi launched the Age Appropriate Fitness Protocols on the occasion of the first anniversary of the Fit India Movement, via virtual conferencing today.

Shri Modi interacted with various sportspersons, fitness experts, and others during the Fit India Dialogue event organized on the occasion. The virtual dialogue was conducted in a casual and informal manner where the participants shared with the Prime Minister their life experiences and their fitness mantra.

PM’s interaction with Rujuta Diwekar, Nutritionist

Rujuta Diwekar stressed the importance of going back to old ways of eating i.e dal, chawal, and ghee culture. She said if we eat local produce, our farmers and our local economy is going to benefit too. The vocal for local attitude is very important.

She spoke of international trends where people are learning how to make ghee and realizing the importance of haldi-milk.

Diwekar talked about avoiding those foods that damage our physical and mental health. Every region has its specialized foods and ghar ka khana is always helpful. If we stop packed and processed foods and eat more home-made foods, we can see a bunch of benefits.

PM’s interaction with Virat Kohli

The Prime Minister discussed with Virat Kohli about his fitness routine. Virat said mental strength goes hand in hand with your physical strength.

When the Prime Minister asked how he gave up Delhi’s famous Chole Bhature, Virat talked about how simple home-cooked meals along with bringing discipline in the diet help in increasing fitness levels.

Shri Modi discussed how to maintain calorie intake. Virat said the body needs to be given time to process the ingested food. The PM talked about the YoYo test. Stressing on the importance of bringing in fitness culture Virat said with good sleep, food, and fitness the body will recover in a week’s time when the PM asked whether he doesn’t feel tired.

PM’s concluding remarks

Speaking on the occasion, the Prime Minister said the Fit India Dialogue focuses on the fitness interests of every age group and brings into play different dimensions of fitness.

The Prime Minister said staying fit is not as difficult a task as some think. With a little discipline and a little hard work, you can always be healthy. He gave the mantra फिटनेस की डोज़आधा घंटा रोज  ( Fitness dose, Half an hour everyday ) for everyone’s health. He urged everyone to practice yoga, or badminton, tennis or football, karate, or kabaddi for at least 30 minutes daily.

The Prime Minister said today awareness about fitness has become worldwide. World Health Organization – WHO has made a Global strategy on diet, physical activity, and health. They have issued a global recommendation on Physical activity also. Today many countries like Australia, Germany, Britain, and the US have set new goals for fitness and are working on them. A large-scale campaign is going on in many such countries at the moment and more and more citizens are joining the routine of daily exercise.

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