India -Canada bilateral relations are driven by our shared democratic values-P.M Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Mod of India delivered the keynote address at the Invest India Conference on Thursday, October 8th.

The conference had representatives from banks and insurance companies, investment funds, companies in sectors like aviation, electronics and manufacturing, consultant firms and universities in attendance.

In his virtual address at Invest India Conference, the Prime Minister said that India’s vibrant democracy and conducive ease of doing business environment make it an attractive and lucrative investment destination.

– In the post COVID world, we’ll often hear various kinds of problems. Problems of manufacturing, supply chains, PPP etc. However, India has not let those problems be. We showed resilience and emerged as a land of solutions.

– India is playing the role of the pharmacy to the world. We’ve provided medicines to around 150 countries so far during this pandemic.

– During March-June of this year, our agriculture export rose by 23%. This happened while the entire country was going through a stringent lockdown.

– Today, our manufacturing is running on full steam. Before the pandemic, India hardly manufactured PPE kits, but today, we not only manufacture millions of kits, we also export them.

– India has risen from 142 to 63 in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business ratings in the last 5 years. The results of these improvements are there for everyone to see.

– The Indian story is strong today and will be stronger tomorrow. The FDI regime has been well liberalized. We have created a friendly tax regime for Sovereign Wealth and Pension Funds and have undertaken significant reforms for developing a robust Bond market.

– India is undergoing a rapid change in mindsets as well as markets today. India has embarked on a journey of deregulation and decriminalisation of various offences under the Companies Act.

– If you are looking to partner in the field of education, the place to be is India. If you are looking to invest in manufacturing or services, the place to be is India. If you are looking to collaborate in the field of agriculture, the place to be is India.

– India-Canada bilateral ties are driven by our shared democratic values and many common interests. The trade and investment linkages between us are integral to our multi-faceted relationship.

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