#StayHealthy! Simple, Effective formula to boost immunity and improve digestion!

#morningritual #bestwaytostarttheday #immunityboost #immunity

2 full glasses of saada paani. Squeeze some nimboo into one glass only. Drink the nimboo paani FIRST.
Drink the plain glass of water after.
Make sure you have a cup of garma garam paani and add your “grandma’s Kadha” with a teaspoon of haldi ☕️ (Oh and btw, haldi is really good for your skin) ☕️
If you want to make the #kadha yourself then just mix together tulsi, black pepper, amla, ginger, mulethi, coriander and haldi ✨
Drink the Kadha last 🤘🏼
And that’s it folks. My everyday morning ritual to keep my tummy healthy and boost my immunity 🌟 Shared by Amyra Dastur on Instagram! Go on, Boost your immunity! Stay Strong! Stay Healthy!

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