Secrets and Delights of Indian Cuisine-A vibrant assortment of countless dishes, cooking styles!

Food in India is a vibrant assortment of uncountable dishes, cooking styles and it is distinctly characterized by the subtle and sophisticated use of spices, grains, vegetables, and fruits that are locally available. Indian food is a balanced food as it satiates the taste buds with all sorts of flavors in it such as salty, sweet, bitter, or spicy with a combination of one or more food grains, vegetable spices etc.

In India the landscape, culture, food changes every few hundred kilometres and how true is that! There are endless varieties of cooking styles & cuisines from North to South and East to West across our incredible country. Indian food is based on holistic approach to nutrition with locally available food grains, vegetables, spices etc. The food culture in India is very vibrant and available in different forms and style from home cooked food, street food to a fine dine experience.

The Ministry of Tourism’s Dekho Apna Desh Webinar series titled “Secrets and Delights of Indian Cuisine” held on 26th December 2020 focused on Indian Cuisine and its importance.

The Sessions of Webinar are now available on the and also on all social media accounts of Ministry of Tourism, Government of India.

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