#MondayMotivation-Changing gears after the holiday season!


The holiday season is over, and actress Shilpa Shetty on Monday suggested a few yoga moves that can help one get back to the daily grind after the festive season.

“Changing gears and shifting back to a daily routine after the holiday season is never going to be easy. But, maintaining a healthy balance between calm & chaos is inexplicably crucial. This is an excercise I do religiously when I want to center myself,” Shilpa tweeted.

“Inhale and take a deep breath in, filled with positive thoughts and exhale all the negative thoughts/emotions into the universe as love and light. This meditation helps you focus on the things that need attention, centers & gives you the ammunition to tackle with the stress in your daily grind. Do this for a few minutes but unhindered, connect with the universe; & align your mind, body, & soul to prepare yourself for the day ahead. Start with just five minutes of deep breathing today. Tag a friend who needs to keep calm today. She added further.

Start your fitness journey with Shilpa Shetty @ https://www.theshilpashetty.com/

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