‘Hong Kong Super Fans’ to share the hidden gems of the city online!

Art gallery owner and former French prime minister’s son Arthur de Villepin has traveled all over the world but loves Hong Kong so much he made it his home. “Hong Kong has one of the strongest art scenes in Asia with so many art fairs and amazing international-standard galleries,” he explained. “I want to invite my friends from France to come to Hong Kong and enjoy its unique vibe.”
Arthur, who was born in the US and lived in India and the UK before moving to Hong Kong and
founding the Villepin Art Gallery, has been invited by the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) as one
of the Hong Kong Super Fans, who will encourage their friends, families, and followers to visit the
city when travel resumes.

As well as expatriates living in Hong Kong, the HKTB is inviting friends and fans of Hong Kong
through its worldwide offices in 20 key source markets to become Hong Kong Super Fans. As of today, the group includes Korean fashion designer Nikki Lee, Thai actress Nok Sikrin (“Nokky”) and
Mainland influencer Cocoa Zhou, who live in the city, and other distinguished fans living in Asia,
Australasia, Europe, and the Americas, all of these 220 fans share a common passion for Hong Kong’s timeless appeal and diverse attractions.

HKTB Executive Director Mr Dane Cheng said: “The Hong Kong Super Fans programme is an
important and integral element of the HKTB’s tourism recovery plan. We expect that the first batch of visitors to return will be those who have an enduring love for Hong Kong and people with connections to the city. We hope the social influence and heartfelt passion of these fans in Hong Kong, the Mainland, and overseas markets will spread positive word-of-mouth endorsement, encouraging visitors from markets worldwide to head to Hong Kong as soon as cross-border travel resumes.”

A series of online events is being organized by the HKTB so that Hong Kong Super Fans can
share tips on the city’s delicacies, arts, culture, and natural scenery with friends and followers. The
first is a Chinese New Year Virtual Tour, giving worldwide audiences a glimpse of how Hong Kong
people celebrate the lunar new year.

The virtual tour will visit the Man Mo Temple in Central, a feng shui décor store in Lascar Row,
a fai chun stand in Shin Hing Street, and a traditional candied fruit grocery store, allowing participants to immerse themselves in traditional new year customs.


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