Manager To Leader: Celebrated “Blueprint” to Effective Leadership Empowers Ethical, Grow-Centred Influence

Tom Lawrence’s ‘Manager To Leader: How To Become A Highly Effective Leader’ is a highly actionable, game-changing guide to differentiate management from leadership, so anyone in an organization can inspire others to grow, build trust, and become the leaders of tomorrow. Taking a holistic approach that can be deployed by anyone, no matter their job title or seniority, Lawrence seeks to help everyone find the success they deserve.

While many people throw “management” and “leadership” into the same bucket, Tom Lawrence’s experience shows they are very different things. However, there is absolutely nothing stopping a good manager from becoming a highly effective leader, and empowering others to follow.

In his new book, ‘Manager To Leader: How To Become A Highly Effective Leader’, Tom Lawrence lays out a blueprint for mindful, people-centric leadership. It’s a process where growth, happiness and success is at the heart of every decision and action.

“I wanted to create a paradigm shift in the traditional book on leadership, by writing something that equipped and excited leaders to influence their people and truly understand growth,” explains the author. “In fact, I can even show people how to lead if they’re not actually in a leadership position. Everyone can harness the power of leadership, and help others achieve everything they’re capable of.”

Reviews have been impressive. Shozlul Amin writes, “As an engineer myself, I am aspiring to take the next step into management and this book has provided me with what is expected to become an effective leader. I will take the learnings from this book to develop and grow as I progress in my career.”

‘Manager To Leader: How To Become A Highly Effective Leader’ is available now:


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