Traditional Tiramisu Treat! Teatime Today!

 Today is International Tiramisu Day! to celebrate the traditional dessert.

The Italian news agency ANSA proudly announced that the traditional dessert featuring mascarpone, coffee and lady’s fingers would be celebrated at the weekend, and even Italians take comfort in this treat, with sales rising last year by about 5 per cent.

Delivery services that offered tiramisu did well in the pandemic,though pre-made versions are also available in stores, dpa news agency quoted the ANSA report.

Tiramisu Sunday was launched in 2017 by a few food writers, according to a website about the celebration.

In normal times, there were competitions to see who could make the best version of the dessert, as well as who could offer the best new takes on the classic sweet.

There have meanwhile been creations that feature peanut butter or chocolate spread, as well as bananas or strawberries.

For an even more interesting flavour and colour, green tea has also been used.

During this unique event, we will prepare tiramisù together with chefs, opinion leaders, bloggers and representatives of institutions around the world 🌎 If you love tiramisù and Italian culture, you can’t miss it ✨

Enjoy & Celebrate! Thank you Shravanthi Pennathur, for the yummy Tiramisu, we loved it!

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