Glow with the Power of Gold Powder!

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Grandma’s favourite ingredient – turmeric! Not only does this golden powder add to the taste buds, this magical spice has numerous health benefits as well! Whether you’re using it to flavor your curry or adding it to your chai, or making a paste for your facial, there’s no denying that turmeric is loaded with power!

First of all, by adding it to your foods, it boosts the nutrient properties of your dishes. In addition it helps reduce inflammation. Most importantly, it gives a boost to your immune system. So, definitely consider making turmeric part of your culinary routine. By doing so, you bid goodbye to seasonal allergy symptoms!

For centuries, it’s been used in Indian medicine or used cooking as a healing agent. Not only can we use it as a food supplement for internal wellness but fresh turmeric paste can also applied topically on our skin, compounded with other natural ingredients.

Traditionally, in India, it’s cooked with curries, it’s cooked, its pan fried, so that it releases the active molecules. So things are better absorbed with food generally, into your bloodstream. You’d also get less bloating and irritation that you get sometimes when you take turmeric alone and an empty stomach. As for your skincare, use it as a face mask combined with sandalwood powder and wash it off!

You can pick up fresh turmeric from health food stores, grocery stores and even some supermarkets.

Go Gold & Glow!

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