Brighten up Mother’s Day with Tulips!

The 69th Annual and 2nd Virtual Canadian Tulip Festival is coming May 14 – 24, celebrating the gift of tulips and commemorating the Canadians who led in the fight for the liberation of the Netherlands 76 years ago.

Limited Edition “Classics” Tulip Bulbs coming this September directly from Holland.
Pre-Purchase seven different Classic Tulips and plant them for blooming in 2022, in time for our Festival’s seventh decade of celebration and commemoration.

For those who live in the Ottawa area, the Canadian Tulip Festival really is bringing the tulips to the people, with thousands of fresh-cut, locally grown tulips available for next-day delivery or next-day curb-side pickup, with inventory refreshed daily while the tulips last!

Brighten up Mother’s Day with tulips! 

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