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What’s Your Food Story Connects Ontarians through the celebration of food
Ontarians share stories, win prizes, and connect with each other in these isolated times with new campaign from farmers

Good in Every Grain, a public-facing educational campaign from Grain Farmers of Ontario, today announces a new multi-year and multi-stage campaign that wants to bring together Ontarians during these difficult times and throughout the province’s recovery by connecting through food stories.

What’s Your Food Story invites everyone across the province regardless of location, age and culture to celebrate food and its place in our lives – in celebration, tradition, shared experience, healing, and more.  

“We are excited to see people’s food stories and to shine light in all of our lives by connecting with others through the celebration of food,” said Victoria Berry, Manager Communications, Grain Farmers of Ontario.  “Food unites us and inspires us, and keeps our energy as we navigate our present environment.”

The campaign will be predominantly run online and through social media, and create an inclusive way to share food stories, while rewarding people who share.  What’s Your Food Story will meet Ontarians wherever they are and whenever they are engaging in food. As Ontario shares their ties to food, What’s Your Food Story will remind everyone to celebrate the safe, healthy food grown in Ontario and the farmers who are at the root of all our food stories.

“We will be hosting contests each month to encourage people to share their stories and hear other people’s stories. Additionally, we will be donating to local charities throughout the campaign, such as the Canadian Woman’s Foundation for Mother’s Day week,” says Berry.

For more information about What’s Your Food Story and contest details visit

Or visit us on your platform of choice using hashtag #YourFoodStory:

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