Colourful Diet = Chef’s Delight! Paint your Plate!

‘Eat Your Rainbow’!

Even though all of us know that fruits and vegetables are good for our health, we still find it challenging to consume nutritious food. Especially, staying at home the past few months due to coronavirus lockdowns, grabbing some delicious ‘gulab jamun’ from the fridge may be much more tempting. However, creating and maintaining healthy eating habits is important more so in these times.

Different colors of fruits and vegetables have specific health benefits. By including a variety of them on your plate, you can make sure you’re getting the immunity boosting nutrients you need to help your body function at its best.

Plants contain different pigments, or phytonutrients, which give them their colour. One of the simplest ways to eat healthy is to just add that huge splash of colour to your plate! Fruits, vegetables and beans are filled with antioxidants to keep you healthy. Consume a spread of fruits and vegetables to get the vitamins and minerals your body needs. Add red, green, yellow or orange, purple or blue and white or brown fruits and vegetables into your diet every day. Pack as many colours as you can into your meals.

Red: Tomatoes, strawberries, watermelon, pink guava, grapefruit. These are rich in lycopene and anthocyanins, which help with a host of things, from fight heart disease to decreasing the risk for stroke. Include these in your salads, smoothies or any which way you prefer!

Orange And Yellow: Orange and yellow peppers, carrots, corn, bananas, pumpkin. These are rich in beta carotene. Excellent for improved vision, and helps in cell growth, apart from maintaining the health of vital organs like the heart, lung and kidneys.

Green: Broccoli, peas, cucumber, leafy vegetables, herbs like mint, coriander etc. These provide proper the necessary vitamins and minerals. They are also high in fibre and low on calories, which helps reduce the risk of obesity and high blood pressure and improves bowel movement.

Blue & Purple: Grapes, blueberries, eggplant, plums. These are antioxidants and help to improve brain function. In addition, consuming these will also enable you to lower the risk of diabetes.

When you include this your daily routine, you will see and feel the difference on your skin, your body and waistline. Happy Eating!

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