Hindu American Advocacy Group Celebrates One Year!

CoHNA Event to Feature Swami Sarveshananda ji, * Honorable NY Assemblywoman Jenifer Rajkumar* and Honorable Ohio State Senator Niraj Antani among others

CoHNA’s work is inspired by Hindu concepts of Dharma (righteousness/duty), Ekta (unity), Viveka (right understanding). We will uphold the “unity in diversity” that is a paramount feature of Hindu heritage. When we unite for a common cause, we can make an impact and ensure that our future generations live in a world that is more accepting and appreciative of their Hindu identity and values.

CoHNA’s mission is three-fold:

  • To advocate for a better understanding of Hindu heritage and tradition in North America.
  • To promote grassroots level interaction and coordination among Hindus in North America.
  • To promote greater cultural, social and academic exchanges among Hindus in North America, India and around the globe.

Join the event this Sunday, May 23rd at 6:00 PM E.T. for 1 year anniversary celebration of CoHNA, with Pujya @swsarveshananda ji, Honorable @JeniferRajkumar, Honorable @NirajAntani, Rev. Dr. T.K. Nakagaki and Shri Arnav Kejriwal. Register at https://cohna.org/event. See you Sunday!

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