Yoga Asanas to Boost Immunity! Free Online sessions from Dubai!

COVID-19 has affected tens of millions of individuals across the globe and upended the lives of countless others. Many people are turning to strengthen their immune system using homegrown plants, ‘kadhas’, and a nutrient-rich and diverse diet.

Yoga can play an extremely important role in the prevention and management of coronavirus. Different asanas not only help boost immunity but also helps build the body’s strength, elevate energy levels, reduce stress, and calm the mind.

A perfect way to keep your immunity levels high and stay in great shape is to perform simple yoga exercises daily at home. For extra fortification, ensure that there is sufficient inclusion of vitamin C in your diet; this builds resistance against infections and diseases.

To encourage healthy living, Heartfulness Foundation in Dubai has developed this comprehensive yoga programme in collaboration with AYUSH, SVYASA, Patanjali and AUI (Associations of Indian Universities). The United Nations supports and promotes this programme that started on March 14 and will continue until June 21.

Join #Yoga4Unity program to learn more: #Heartfulness

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