#WorldEnvironmentDay! Be Food-Wise and Planet Friendly!

It’s World Environment Day today!  Do your share to contribute to the Earth! Eat in a planet-friendly way!

Adopt a plant-based diet, and phase out the meat, as much as possible. Animal agriculture is one of the leading contributors to the emission of greenhouse gases. When you forgo meats for a variety of plant-based meals, you’re not just changing your ways for the environment, but also discouraging slaughter.

Do you know where your supermarket’s vegetables and fruits are sourced from – or the amount of time and carbon miles required to truck them to your locality? It takes days – even weeks – for produce to be transported to stores. Just imagine the levels of energy required to fulfil this carbon-intensive part of the chain? It’s tremendous. Instead, try growing at least some of your own produce in your backyard. In that way, you know exactly what you’re consuming, and you’re not required to trudge to the market as often.

Apart from damaging your health, the production, transportation, and distribution of such products – chips, ice creams, candy, pizza, pre-made desserts, etc – contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. Switch to healthier alternatives, and save the environment in the process. So curb the purchase of those ultra-processed food items!

If you cannot grow your fruits or vegetables, source them locally. Apart from supporting your local economy, you’re not perpetuating the carbon-intensive supply chain if the produce is grown in your locality.

Food choices we make every day matters not only because they determine our wellbeing but also because it affects the environment. So choose planet friendly! Do your bit to save the environment!

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