The Chopped Leaf wants to fuel your dreams!

While you train to represent Canada

The Chopped Leaf has announced that they want to help fuel Canadian athletes that are chasing their dreams to represent our country. If you are training to represent Canada, the brand wants to hear from you.

As a Canadian brand committed to providing quality, fresh and wholesome food The Chopped Leaf is on the hunt for athletes to partner with and become ambassadors during their training. Fueling the body is key while preparing for and competing in your sport, and while your energy is focused on training, The Chopped Leaf wants to take care of the food.

The Chopped Leaf recognizes the importance of proper nutrition, and values the fact that each ingredient and its nutritional breakdown plays a key role within how the body functions optimally.  A generally balanced diet features a mixture of protein to build lean muscle and balance blood sugar, carbohydrates to provide fuel and energy, and healthy fats such as omega-3s to reduce inflammation and help recovery.

The Chopped Leaf is an ideal fit as their menu is fully customizable and the brand is transparent about their ingredients. Offering a variety of complex carbohydrates, animal and plant-based protein options, fresh fruits, vegetables, healthy fats and exclusive signature dressings; there is something for everyone. Regardless of what your body demands based on the calories you burn and the sport you compete in; the brand aligns with the goal of eating for performance.

Neville Wright, Canadian bobsledder and 3x Olympian says “The Chopped Leaf has been a staple in my diet for years. Nutrition has always been important to me as it plays a key role in how I perform and how I feel”. “Having meals on-the-go that never compromise quality is something a lot of athletes value, including myself.” 

If you are training, plan to train or know someone who will be training to represent Canada, The Chopped Leaf wants to eliminate some of the stress when it comes to food prep and eating on-the-go.

Visit to learn more and apply now.

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