#Team India2021 winners @ISEF! Congratulations, Young Innovators!

Team India 2021 won 9 Grand Awards and 8 Special Awards at Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) for innovations ranging from identification of genes responsible that resist abiotic stress in species to augmented reality smart stethoscope that allows non-medicals to perform accurate pulmonary screening. These innovations were by young students who received the awards and brought accolades home.

Society for Science and Regeneron announced Grand Awards of the Regeneron ISEF 2021. Student winners are in ninth through twelfth grades who earned the right to compete at the Regeneron ISEF 2021 by winning a top prize at a local, regional, state or national science fair.

Prof. Ashutosh Sharma, Secretary, Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India, virtually interacted with the 26 winners of the Initiative for Research and Innovation in STEM -IRIS National Fair, who participated as ‘Team India 2021’ in the Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF). These students have competed with 1833 budding scientists from 64 countries, regions, and territories across the globe and won 17 awards.

“Creativity is connecting dots of knowledge. Our aim should be to become a creative thinker with some nonlinear expertise and to reach out to connect the dots,” Prof. Sharma said at the occasion. He went through all the projects and complimented the winners on the research they had conducted.

IRIS National Fair was held virtually this year and saw participation from more than 65,000 students and science enthusiasts, wherein the projects represented a wide range of scientific disciplines and were judged under 21 categories. Each project went through a stringent judging process to select Team India 2021. The team was subsequently mentored by the IRIS Scientific Review Committee members to prepare it for participation in ISEF.

‘IRIS National Fair’ is a program of EXSTEMPLAR Education Linkers Foundation; funded by Broadcom and supported by the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India. School students based in India in the age group 10 to 17 with innovative projects can participate in it responding to invitations for applications.  

Kudos Kiddos! Keep up the good work!

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