Dining out, cottaging, partying & shopping are the most desirable activities!

Province by province passions spelled out in Double Vax Summer Survey by Bromwich+Smith

As provinces across Canada have partly or fully opened up, a new national survey reveals that dining out, cottaging, partying and shopping are the most desirable activities for newly liberated Canadians. The Double Vax Summer Survey by Licenced Insolvency Trustees Bromwich+Smith, focused on 2021’s hopeful plans and activities.

When asked what people were most excited about this summer, “eating out at restaurants” led the way, with 46 per cent of Canadians wanting food and drink while foregoing home cooking as much as possible. This was followed by “booking a friend/family experience” (cottaging, camping, white water rafting, etc.) – four-in-10 Canadians have yearned for these time-honoured, summer traditions.

Further down the list, one-in-five Canadians (21%) plan to “party like it’s 1999” all summer, while a similar number (18%) plan to “shop till they drop”. Rounding out the list for cooped-up Canadians are booking their dream vacation (14%), clubbing (5%) and shopping for luxury brands (4%).

Finally, 17 per cent of Canadians plan on saving their money and one quarter (26%) don’t plan on doing anything differently. These folks believe that slow and steady wins the race.

The survey is a follow up to Bromwich+Smith’s December post-vaccine study, when booking a vacation led the way, with more than half (53%) choosing it as their top priority once they were vaccinated. “Hosting or attending a family reunion” was next (at 46%). At the bottom of the list were things such as “swapping sweats and getting dressed up” (16%), “restarting my dating career” (9%) and “going clubbing” (7%).

“2021 is a year of renewed hope that is reflected in Canadian summer and all its traditions,” said Laurie Campbell, director of client financial wellness at licensed insolvency trustee, Bromwich+Smith. “People are focused on what makes them happy, and in this case, that means many of the traditional Canadian summer themes, especially reconnecting and making memories.”

Ontario wants the simple pleasures
After being closed longer than any other Canadian jurisdiction, Ontario is finally settling into Step 3 of reopening (gyms, restaurants, movie theatres reopened on July 16). Given its extended lockdown, it is no shock the province leads the country in a desire for some of the simpler, self-care activities. Specifically, 26 per cent of Ontarians plan on shopping, considerably higher than other regions such Alberta (15%) B.C. (11%), and Manitoba/Saskatchewan (13%).

In the same vein, Ontario (at 50%) leads the country in clamouring to dine out at restaurants. Manitoba/Saskatchewan (43%) Alberta (39%) and B.C. (38%) come in behind. Restaurants should be busy this summer and fall, especially in the Heartland Province.

When it comes to throwing a party, perhaps one that lasts all summer, there are consistent responses provincially, with Ontario and Alberta leading (20%), Saskatchewan and Manitoba coming in next (18%) and B.C. not far behind (17%).

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