Your next outdoor yoga travel destination that’ll make you go ohm!

Yoga in the park, goat yoga, paddleboard yoga — if you like things that make you go ohm — you’ll be interested in our ranking of the Best Cities for Outdoor Yoga.

Lawn Love ranked over 80 of the largest cities in the United States to determine the Best Cities for Outdoor Yoga. We looked for cities with lots of green space, a high number of yoga instructors, and yoga instructors with good ratings.

Use our rankings, in-depth analysis, and practical tips to get the most out of your next outdoor yoga travel destination. (Hint: You might want to book a cheap flight or bus trip to Greensboro or a handful of Southeast cities.)
2021’s Best Cities for Outdoor Yoga
 RankCity1Greensboro, NC2Atlanta, GA3Madison, WI4Fremont, CA5Winston-Salem, NC6Arlington, VA7St. Petersburg, FL8Richmond, VA9Albuquerque, NM10Irvine, CA2021’s Worst Cities for Outdoor YogaRankCity77Glendale, AZ78Chandler, AZ79Phoenix, AZ80Detroit, MI81Philadelphia, PA82Nashville, TN83Houston, TX84Gilbert, AZ85Chicago, IL86Fresno, CA
Surprising findings:Be rooted in The Boro: Greensboro, North Carolina, is no stranger to a good stretch. The Boro lands at the top of our rankings, being the city with the best combination of high-quality yoga instruction, affordability, and environmental factors.

Tired of doing the same old yoga sequence? Yoga studios in Greensboro love to spice things up with interesting yoga classes. Feel the beat with trap yoga, which is yoga set to the rhythm of trap music (a Southern subgenre of hip hop). If you’re an animal lover, you have to try trendy goat yoga. Last but not least, grab a stout after wrapping up your savasana with beer yoga.
 Stretching across the Southeast: In addition to Greensboro, five other cities in our top 10 lie in the Southeast region of the U.S.: Atlanta (No. 2), Winston-Salem, North Carolina (No. 5), Arlington, Virginia (No. 6), St. Petersburg, Florida (No. 7), and Richmond, Virginia (No. 8).

With the mountains, beach, and its proximity to D.C., it’s no wonder Virginia is a premier destination for yogis of all ages and skill levels. Richmond is home to the Peace Love RVA yoga festival and is about 1.5 hours east of Yogaville — a unique yoga destination along the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Outside of Virginia, there are plenty of other events in the Southeast to check out. Atlanta is home to Dirty South Yoga Fest, as well as popular community events such as Yoga in the Park and Yoga on the Square. Dog lovers should head over to St. Petersburg for Doga (dog yoga) and try a downward dog next to your pup (or a rescue).
 Where to say not to hot yoga: Scorpions thrive in desert landscapes, but that doesn’t make the desert an ideal place to try the scorpion pose yourself. Many of the cities that fall to the bottom of our list are located in Arizona and Texas — two states with a reputation for being hot and dry. These states’ lack of pleasant weather conditions directly impacts the number of outdoor yoga events being held, so you won’t have much luck finding interesting outdoor yoga destinations.

While Albuquerque, New Mexico, is another city in the desert, it ranks No. 9 in our top 10. New Mexico is on higher elevation than Arizona, making the weather conditions more tolerable. Another benefit of ABQ’s climate is that it only rains 57 days a year, giving you plenty of sunny mornings to try paddleboard yoga on the Rio Grande. Albuquerque is also home to Yoga at the Museum and YogaRitas (yoga, margaritas, and a pig named Tequila Barbie). 

Mmmmm, yogaritas…Our full ranking and analysis can be found here: 

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