Traditional, Time-Tested Herbs for Health!

If you are a tea lover, and enjoy this beverage twice or thrice a day, you may want to add variety & flavour to your hot masala herb chai. Traditionally herbs have been our go to for curing and preventing flu, and an herb infused tea has always been our first choice for combatting seasonal ills. Herbs advised by our grandparents, have inculcated in our minds the medicinal values of herb infused beverages.


Ginger is an evergreen spice and is loaded with vitamin B6 and has various medicinal values due to the multiple antioxidants it delivers. It is an effective immunity booster too due to the presence of compound Gingerol.


Cardamom is one of the most expensive spice in the world and its distinctive flavor complements both sweet and savoury dishes equally well. It delivers manganese, which is known to help boost virus-fighting cells in the body and is rich in multiple antioxidants and minerals too. Plus it is a gut strengthener and helps relieve digestive problems.


Brahmi is one of the most popular Ayurvedic ingredient. It creates a protective shield of vital nutrients and antioxidants in the body that helps in fighting infection and diseases. Brahmi is beneficial in relieving stress and anxiety as well


Almost every household has this herb plant. It is rich in vitamin C and zinc. Plus it is anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal and its combination of phytochemicals, bioflavonoids and anti-oxidants compounds, such as rosmarinic acid (a very good anti-microbial agent) helps combat respiratory illnesses ranging from a simple cold and cough to severe bronchitis and asthma.

Research shows that the list of  benefits of drinking tea is extensive, with outcomes like reduced inflammation, decreased risk of heart disease and chronic illness, lowered blood sugar, and much more.

Since tea is such a popular choice for comfort and healing, try adding these herbs for taste as well as health!

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