PenguinPickUp launches Toronto e-bike delivery service with URB-E

PenguinPickUp partners with URB-E for no emission delivery

New electric bike delivery project offers 95 percent less carbon emissions
and a 6x lower traffic footprint for Downtown Toronto

To combat the environmental impact of carbon emissions and growing ecommerce delivery traffic congestion, PenguinPickUp, a network of convenient locations for receiving online deliveries, announced its partnership with URB-E to provide PenguinPickUp2U, a last-mile delivery solution using electric bikes with trailers for downtown Toronto residents.

Beginning August 23, PenguinPickUp customers can arrange for convenient delivery service during a two-hour window of their choosing. The service will be available during peak hours from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. daily, with plans to expand hours of operation to include an 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. window. For a flat rate of $5.00, customers can have parcels from multiple retailers delivered at one time, saving them from the hassles and headaches of running errands in a busy downtown core.

Initially, the PenguinPickUp locations at 171 East Liberty Street, 68 Abell St, 609 Church St, 415 Church St, 629 Eastern Ave and 53 Yonge St will offer the PenguinPickUp2U service to customers within a three-kilometer radius of the stores. These locations were chosen because of the advanced network of dedicated bike lanes, allowing for safe and fast delivery. URB-E’s folding electric vehicles and collapsible trailers are the best performing light delivery vehicles in the U.S. market, having major partnerships deployed in New York City, Los Angeles, and Seattle.

Since 2014, PenguinPickUp has been uniting Torontonians with their online purchases at convenient pick-up locations around the city. With the launch of PPU2U, the company is not only giving customers more convenient options but also making the last-mile delivery process easier for customers while reducing carbon emissions and the number of vehicles on Toronto’s streets.

“As online deliveries continue to increase, we need to seriously consider our social responsibility to our customers and communities,” said Patrick Jobidon, president of PenguinPickUp. “We hope to provide a safer and cleaner alternative for everyone involved in our business.”

“Canada is leading the way in adopting sustainable, city-friendly delivery solutions to replace gas powered vans and trucks, and PenguinPickUp embraces this responsible mindset,” said Charles Jolley, CEO of URB-E. “PenguinPickUp is already one of the most innovative delivery providers with their store locations close to where people live. We think they’re the perfect partner to introduce low-emission, safe, and friendly URB-E delivery vehicles to the Canadian market.”

Designed by a former Porsche and Fisker engineer, URB-Es can haul a whopping 800lbs or 400kgs of cargo and can easily roll on and off. Its battery storage has passed numerous safety and fire tests to ensure the safety of its riders and with those it shares the road.

PenguinPickUp and URB-E have gone above the basic safety protection requirements for its pilot riders, making their well-being a top priority in the program. Every PenguinPickUp rider is employed directly by PPU, receives dedicated safety training and is required to pass an operations and safety test before activating their URB-E.

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