Shift From Summer! A Fresh Start for Fall!

Summer season is usually relaxing and slow paced. Back to school in fall can be an exciting time for parents, teachers, students and the society as a whole! New routines, new schedules require prior preparations to make the transition easier. Minimize the chaos you may feel around you by following some of these useful tips:

Find out as much as you can about upcoming changes that may affect your routines. Once you have a sense of how things need to run, write out key points – such as starting times, location details, and end times – and look at things one week and one month at a time.

  • If you have children heading back to school, include them in discussions and plans when you can. This will help keep lines of communication open, and will help you and your children worry less about the unknown – where most of our anxieties stem from. Kids often like to talk about their concerns and worries just before they fall asleep, so schedule in time for pillow talks during their bedtime routine.
  • Your partner should also be part of the conversation, to ensure that everyone is on the same page. How will new routines affect both parties? Talking through routines and upcoming changes will help you both feel organized and part of the same team. 

Be Organized:

The keyword here is calm. It’s no surprise that when you’re organized and prepared, you are at your calmest and most relaxed version of yourself. If your others in your life see and feel that you are calm and organized, they will be too. Plan ahead by preparing things in advance as part of your regular routine:

  • Choose outfits the night before and have them set aside, ready to go in the morning
  • Pack lunches for work/school in advance, ensuring a balance of healthy options is included
  • Pack work bags / backpacks the night before, ensuring nothing is forgotten during the morning rush

Having a routine that is reliable and stress-free will provide a sense of safety and assuredness to your days and will also positively impact those around you. Take a breath, reset, and move forward this fall knowing that you are in control of the things you can be!

New Season, New Beginnings!

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