Uber is helping Canadians get to the polls for Election Day

On Monday, Canadians will be heading to the polls to participate in Canada’s 44th Federal Election. And Uber wants to do its part to ensure that transportation is not a barrier.  

On Election Day, Uber is offering discounts for rides to and from the polls: up to 50% off roundtrip rides to and from the polls (up to $5 off for each trip)*. Across the country, Canadians can use the code VOTE2021 for a discount while the polls are open in their home province.  

This initiative builds on Uber’s global commitment to help move people to the polls. From the 2020 U.S. election, to state elections in India earlier this year, Uber is proud to use its technology to help eligible voters safely cast their ballots.  

“Every vote counts so we want to help reduce any transportation barriers,” said Matthew Price, General Manager of Uber Canada. “Uber is uniquely positioned to help drive the vote, so we’re doing our part to support Canadians coast to coast with a safe and reliable ride to cast their vote.” 

This is part of Uber’s ongoing effort in Canada to help move what matters – whether it’s helping Canadians get to vaccination centres, or helping first responders arrive safely to work. Some partnerships include:

  • The Move What Matters Initiative, pledging more than $6M in free rides, meals, and food deliveries in Canada
  • Over $22M in grants and waived/reduced fees to local restaurants and hospitality workers
  • Partnerships with cities across Canada to pay for free or discounted rides to vaccination centres
  • A partnership with The Government of Canada to increase vaccine confidence across the country

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