Fall Flavors : Pecan & Pumpkin; Popular Beer/Beverages!

Pecan, Apple, Pumpkin and More Robust Styles Welcome Fall

Cool Fall weather is here and with it comes an abundance of delicious Ontario-grown fruits and vegetables. But there’s also an amazing array of locally-made seasonal craft beers and ciders, all packed with Fall flavours to whet your appetite and quench your thirst. As we all get ready to celebrate the holidays, United Craft has curated a “top 10” list of the tastiest craft beer and cider beverages to toast the season. Move over pumpkin, there are plenty of delicious flavours out there!

Pumpkin and pecan are the most popular Fall flavours and here are two delectable choices:

Big Rig Brewery uses handpicked pumpkins to make Tales of the Pumpkin Patch, which tastes like homemade pumpkin pie only better because it’s a beer! Rich flavours of brown sugar, root beer and vanilla create a full-bodied flavour palate ending with a rich creamy finish.

Double Trouble’s Pecan Pie Porter is bursting with luscious chocolate and pecan flavours with its rich, layered character. This is a GOLD medal winning beer and a more flavourful drink than traditional stouts and porters. It’s ideal for sipping by the fire and a great alternative to cognacs, brandies and liqueurs.

Apple is the quintessential flavour of Fall and this year you can have your apples while significantly reducing your sugar and carb intake with new Eden Grove Zero Apple Cider. Made with fresh-pressed apples hand-picked at Puddicombe Farms in Stoney Creek, this ultra dry cider has the soft flavour of crisp apples with a hint of vanilla on the finish. It contains zero sugar and zero carbs so great for keto diets. Plus, it’s gluten free and vegan friendly.   A tall 473 ml can is just 120 calories. Sip it on its own instead of wine or blend with gin, vodka or whiskey. Experiment with Fall spices like cinnamon, orange peel, honey, thyme or ginger to create your own new Fall favourite. Top off with a slice of apple or a few cranberries.

Darker, richer ales are ideal for the cooler weather and here’s a noteworth one not to miss – Tomorrow Brew Co’s Monty’s Aged Ryed Ale. This brew delivers a big bold flavour with a silky whisky smokiness. It’s aged in oak that’s infused with Canadian whisky for a layered richness, subtle sweetness and a soft finish. Notes of vanilla, honey and caramel make this a beer you won’t forget. Ideal over ice cream as a Monty’s float.

Highlander Brew Co, brewed in North Bay, offers three delicious flavours perfect for the Fall: Smoked Porter delivers a complex symphony of roasted, smoky flavours guaranteed to keep you warm and toasty no matter the weather. Its dark malts are carefully smoked over toasted beechwood so there’s no bitter aftertaste. Or get your Scottish on with Highlander Scottish Ale, a smooth and mellow award-winning brew that’s made with a unique blend of four different malts, hops and a specialty Edinburgh yeast. The result is a slightly sweeter and mellower flavour than a typical English pale ale. And, for a true taste of the North, try Highlander’s Blackberry Wheat. This well-balanced beer features fresh blackberries to add a tangy refreshing, slightly tart finish.

Market Brewing offers a true West Coast IPA called Given the Circumstances. This lusty IPA is made with all Canadian malt, including an Ontario barley base, Ontario spelt, and BC Dark Munich. West Coast Cascade, Centennial, and Columbus hops give this brew an assertive grapefruit and piney bitterness.

New on the scene is Brew Aid’s At the Ready, a flavourful yet crisp lager and a silver medal winning recipe at the Canadian Brewing Awards. Aside from a great flavour, what’s really different about At the Ready is its charity component. This is a new collaboration brew with Wounded Warriors Canada to bring both urgent attention – and financial support – for mental health programs supporting Ontario’s first responders and military vets. Our first responders need our support now more than ever and this is a tasty (and easy) way to help raise funds for support programs for them and their families.

Finally, Fall is pear season and what could be better than a crisp cider? Eden Grove Perfect Pear cider is a semi-dry and super crisp 100% pear cider, made with a hand-picked blend of all Ontario Bosc and Bartlett pears for a refreshing dry flavour with a slight tartness. Also gluten free and vegan friendly.

Enjoy & Celebrate!

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