With Aisa Waisa Pyaar, experience Quirks of Love in a like-never-before avatar!


In creative collaboration with the Culture Machine and directed by Ashiish Patil, every story in Aisa Waisa Pyaar showcases unique and endearing characters from diverse age groups. Through these sweet little tales, these charming characters, young and old, portray the quirky yet heart-warming side of relationships and copious idiosyncrasies of love. 

Commenting on this newest addition to Eros Now, Ridhima Lulla, Chief Content Officer Eros Group, mentioned, “We were searching for a light-hearted love story when we came across Aisa Waisa Pyaar. It is an endearing anthology that explores various aspects of love and what it means to different people. We are sure it will resonate with our viewers and bring a smile to everyone’s face.”

Talking about his experience, Saqib Saleem shared, “As soon as I heard the story, I wanted to be a part of this beautiful project. It was a lovely experience shooting with everyone! I truly hope that the viewers experience the same level of happiness as I did while shooting for it.

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