Let’s show kids their voices matter – let’s encourage them to get LOUD for #NationalChildDay!

November 20 is National Child Day in Canada, a special day dedicated to shining a light on the rights of children and youth, and listening to what they have to say about issues that matter to them.

This important day marks the date in 1989 that the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child came into effect and is celebrated around the globe as World Children’s Day.

“After all they’ve been through with COVID-19, kids deserve to be celebrated,” said David Morley, President and CEO, UNICEF Canada. “From disrupted school years, to missed milestone events, to being disconnected from friends, young people have made many sacrifices and played a role to keep our communities safe. National Child Day and World Children’s Day is a moment to reflect and thank them for all they have done both here in Canada and around the world.” 

This year, UNICEF Canada is asking everyone to Go Blue on November 20 to thank the kids in their lives, across the country and around the world who have given up so much to help fight and control the pandemic.  The impact of many of these disruptions will be experienced around the world by this generation of children for years to come.

To show their support, Canadians can wear blue, and colour their neighbourhoods, organizations, and the internet blue to recognize children’s sacrifices and say thank you. In fact, UNICEF Canada has created a Go Blue toolkit with activities and photo props to help people across the country join in! Iconic landmarks across the country will be going blue, including BC Place, CN Tower, Calgary Tower, and Niagara Falls.

On November 19, the day before National Child Day/World Children’s Day, UNICEF Canada will be hosting a virtual Youth Activism Summit, bringing together young people, partners, adult influencers and decision-makers. Young people will be speaking out and sharing their recommendations on climate change, disability and accessibility, mental health, racial justice and Indigenous rights. The Youth Activism Summit will be hosted in partnership with BGC Canada, Equitas, the International Institute for Child Rights and Development, the Students Commission of Canada, and YMCA Canada.

For more information and to access the UNICEF Canada Go Blue Toolkit, visit unicef.ca/nationalchildday.

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