Welcome Winter! Skincare for Sweater Season!

With the onset of winter, our skincare may need change. The dry, cold air holds less moisture and tends to dry out the skin.  Here are the top swaps you need to introduce in your beauty regimen for the cold season:

Lukewarm Water

When the temperature drops, it’s very tempting to take a hot shower. However, if you care about your skin, you should avoid them. Instead, shower and wash your face with lukewarm water. Hot showers quickly dry your skin, and if you don’t moisturize it right away, your skin can develop cracks and winter eczema.

Keep Hydrated

In the winter, whether inside or outside, the air is drier. As a result, water evaporates quickly from your body. So, you must keep your skin hydrated. You can also control the humidity in your home by installing a humidifier. This will undoubtedly keep your skin happy.

Choose Skin Care Products carefully

What makes your skin happy in the summer can make it sad in the winter. As a result, you should adjust your skincare products accordingly. Using gentle skincare products is the key to healthy, glowing winter skin. To avoid stripping your skin’s natural moisture barrier, use cleansers that contain moisturizers. If you have acne or breakouts, use ceramides, hyaluronic acid, hydration serums, and glycerin-containing products to help repair your skin’s moisture barrier.

Moisturize often, especially Your hands

The pores and skin in your palms have fewer oil glands compared to the pores and skin on every other body component. That’s why moisture escapes from your hands speedy, making them prone to cracks and itchiness. Follow a moisturizer before you leave home.

Take care of your feet

Pick out glycerin-primarily based creams and petroleum jelly to moisturize your feet. Additionally, make sure you exfoliate the pores and skin of your feet every so often in order that it could soak up the moisturizer without problems.

Balm for your lips

Rather than using lip colors that take away your lips’ natural beauty, keep your pout pretty with moisturizing lip balms that come in color.

Practice these simple techniques during the winter month and glow this season!

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