#FiveYogaAsanas: Foundation of Flexibility, Fab Fitness!

Yoga is a wonderful way to stay fit! Try to these five basic poses for those who want to get started!

Mountain Pose (Tadasana)

To do this asana, you need to stand straight up, feet next to each other. Leave a small gap between the heels. Your hands should be kept straight, next to your waist. Then slowly lift your toes up and stretch your ankle too. Balance your body in the posture. Slowly breathe in while pulling in your torso. As you breathe out, take your shoulder blades away from the neck. You need to stand absolutely upright and your shoulders and your ankles should be in a straight line. Then gently raise your hands above your head and stretch them simultaneously.

Supported Fish (Matsya Asana)

Lie on your back and place a pillow or bolster or rolled up yoga mat under your shoulder blades (behind your heart). Recline over your prop so that your chest is lifted toward the sky. You can place your arms wherever they are comfortable – alongside your hips, to the side in a “T” shape, or extend them overhead, resting the back of your hands on the floor. Completely relax your legs.

Puppy Pose (Anahatasana)

Lower to your knees and come to a tabletop position. Keep your lower belly engaged. Walk your hands long in front of you and release your heart toward the earth. Rest to the count of 5 deep breaths.

Cat and Cow (Marjari Asana and Bitilasana)

Begin in a tabletop position with your knees in-line with your hips and your shoulders in-line with your wrists. Inhale as you drop your belly down and lift your tailbone skyward for cow pose. Hold here for a breath then exhale as you round your back and tuck your chin towards your chest for Cat Pose. Hold here for a breath, then repeat the Cat/Cow flow for several breaths.

5. Sukhasna:

The Easy Pose (Sukhasana)

Last but not the least, we have the Sukhasna. This is a relaxing pose and ideal for meditation. Since yoga greatly focuses on healing the mind and reducing anxiety, Sukhasna is an important pose that everyone must practice. To do this, you need to sit on the floor and cross your legs. Sit in an upright position and keep your backbone straight. Place your hands on your knees and breathe calmly. This will heal your mind and improve the circulation in your body too.

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