Salesforce Office: Yoga, Hiking, Outdoor Camping at a Luxury Retreat!

Cloud-based software company, Salesforce employees will soon have a new office at a luxury retreat in California’s redwood forests. It will provide yoga, hiking, outdoor camping and more to help staff “connect” after two years of remote working.

The luxurious 75-acre property known as Trailblazer Ranch located near Santa Cruz, California, includes an outdoor amphitheater, a communal kitchen, fitness and learning centers and conference rooms.

Trailblazer Ranch is an opportunity to disconnect from technology and connect with each other. From the moment guests step foot on the Ranch, they’ll become immersed in Salesforce’s culture. They’ll have the opportunity to participate in tactile experiences like guided nature walks, restorative yoga, garden tours, group cooking classes, art journaling, and meditation. Learning, planning and team-building are important to the Trailblazer Ranch experience, but it can be accomplished in a whole new way — surrounded by nature, with wellbeing, giving back and fun at the center.

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