Bring Natural Beauty Indoors with Home Décor Plants !

Bring a hint of nature into your home with indoor plants. These aesthetic touches to your home could also boost your mood, enhance the color of your interiors, and improve your gardening skills. So here is a list of easy-to-maintain plants that can beautify your home or even your workplace.


Orchids bloom for months and you’ll be surprised at how little care these blooming machines need. Ideal for areas where they receive indirect sun, orchids offer a delicate and striking touch to any décor.

Jade plants
These are bush-like succulents that are easy to trim. Under favourable conditions, these plants give a pink blossom and might even develop red or yellow tints under sunlight. These low-maintenance plants need very little water in summer and even less in the winter.

Aloe vera
Aloe is well known across the world for its medicinal properties that soothe and heal the human body. The aloe is a stem-less succulent with fleshy leaves that grows well in indoor pots as also in the wild. It does not require any extra care and is insect resistant. Aloe grows well in ample sunlight and well-drained sandy soil. Just like the cactus, aloe needs very little water to grow well.

Considered to be one of the oldest species of plants, ferns bear neither seeds nor flowers. Ferns are a lush canopy of leaves beautifying your indoors with their calmness and colour. They are said to remove chemical toxins from air as well as from the soil. Ferns need low light conditions, soil that is moist and well drained, and normal watering.

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