It’s Switch Week! Time to stop overpaying and start switching!

Did you know you could save hundreds of dollars each year by changing your providers for services like telecom, banking and insurance?  Switching service providers or renegotiating your contracts can lower your monthly bills and help you get better products and services. It makes providers compete for your business.

2020 survey found that Canadians can save a total of around $1,860 each year by switching or renegotiating their telecom, banking and insurance plans. However, only 1 in 4 Canadians surveyed had renegotiated their contracts or switched providers to take advantage of better deals and services.

During Switch Week, the Competition Bureau encourages consumers to make competition work for them by renegotiating their service contracts or switching providers

Follow  #SwitchWeek campaign starting today on TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn for great tips on how you can make competition work for you.

Check out the video and toolkit on  Switch Week page, and find out how to make service providers compete for your business in five easy steps!

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