Every day is a snow day at Celebration Square! Get cozy & enjoy short films!

Every day is a snow day at Celebration Square! Make the most of winter with fun and cozy activities, only until March 20th.

Playing all day on the big screens, or watch from home using the links below.

It’s Snow

Colour cut-out animation inspired by the shape of snowflakes and touched with the airy magic of these fragile designs. While music tinkles invitingly, snowflakes roll and whirl, pulse and glitter, shining with the many hues of twinkling lights. Made without words, this is a joyous film to please the fancy and captivate eye and ear.


In this short animation, a polar bear must try his luck finding a job in the big city when the last of his Arctic ice environment disappears. It’s hard fitting into the human world, however, so this bear finds a more creative solution to his predicament.

Slippery Ice

A clip in the Science Please! collection, Slippery Ice! uses archival footage, animated illustrations and amusing narration to explain why we slip on ice.

In addition to these short films, there’s a plethora of Fantastic Winter Fun is Waiting for you on the Square!

Further details @ https://www.mississauga.ca/winter-at-mcs/

Don’t miss out on the fun!

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