#ImproveImmunity-Science Supports Yoga!

Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic hit us, we have all realized the importance of boosting our immunity. Even though the situation is gradually getting better, it’s far from normal. So, keep your immune system healthy and active by including a yoga session in your daily routine.

Cat Cow Movement

For this asana, start in a tabletop position on your hands and knees. Keep your fingers nice and wide, your knees and hips should be in a straight line. Inhale and look up, and exhale, bring chin to chest. Do this movement a few more times. This movement energizes your spine at the start of your yoga practice.

Child Pose

Join your palms together, bend your elbows and place your forehead on the ground. This modified pose will give you an additional stretch in your laps.

Let your chest sink in towards the mat. This pose helps manage stress and anxiety. So, you can get in this position anytime you feel overwhelmed, to cool yourself down.

Breath two more times. Now exhale and rise up back into the tabletop position and further, into a kneeling position.

Camel Pose

Place your hands on your waist, draw the elbows together and lean back. We are doing a mild camel pose. With every breath, try to bend a little more. Relax, breathe for a couple of seconds and repeat again. Try to lean deeper than before.

Relax, and come back into the neutral tabletop position. If your back feels uncomfortable, swing your hips from side to side, that would help.

Ashwa Sanchalan

We’re now back in a tabletop position. From here, move your right foot forward and come into Ashwa Sanchalan. This is a type of a low lunge. Stay in this position.

If this position doesn’t seem challenging enough, rise up and place the right hand on the right quad. Take your left arm up and move into a side bend. Stay in this parsva anjaneyasana position for two more breaths.


With your left knee on the ground and your right knee raised up, hold your hands together and find a back-bend. If you’re comfortable, make the bend a little deeper, or stay lifted.

Hold for a couple of breaths. Bring your hands down, and get back in the tabletop position.


Bring your hands down as you exhale, take the knee, and sit back. From this vajrasana, move into a bridge pose.

Bridge Pose

Lay flat on your back, bend your knees and relax for a few moments. With your knees above your ankles and feet parallel to each other, inhale and lift. Lift as high as possible.

Squeeze your glutes. Ensure that your knees are above the ankles. If you’re comfortable, you can roll your shoulders back and interlock your finger under your legs.

Hold for a few breaths. Exhale, bring your hips down to the ground.


Relax for a few moments, straighten your legs, stretch your arms out, palms facing up, legs comfortably apart, move into savasana. You can stay in this position for as long as you would like.

It has long been known that yoga can improve your flexibility and make you stronger. More recently, scientist have confirmed that yoga improves your cardiovascular fitness too, improving heart health and lung capacity. Yoga can reduce stress and inflammation, and can even induce change at the cellular level.

So include yoga for a healthier you!

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