Hockey Calgary Launches “Everyone’s Game” Campaign

GLHockey Calgary is proud to officially launch its new awareness campaign, “Everyone’s Game”. The campaign is rooted in encouraging all Calgarians to get involved in the game of hockey. Advocating the benefits of hockey is at the core of the campaign as it encourages Calgarians to look beyond the bench to experience the benefits of participating in the game. The campaign will highlight myriad benefits, including inclusion, program availability, safety, time, sense of community, volunteer opportunities, and affordability.

Getting involved in the sport can encourage growth opportunities that go well beyond the ice. Kids all over Calgary can have the opportunity to play “Canada’s game” while meeting new friends, learning leadership skills and understanding the importance of teamwork.

“The game of hockey teaches kids so much more than how to skate and the skills needed for the game,” says Kevin Kobelka, Executive Director, Hockey Calgary. “Hockey teaches our youth about teamwork, inclusion, community and leadership. These are important skills at any age or stage in life, and we want all Calgarians to be able to participate in the game.

The campaign isn’t solely focused on kids either – it will also speak to the many ways families can also get involved in the sport. Through Hockey Calgary, Calgarians can get involved off the ice at a grassroots level. This includes volunteer opportunities open to everyone, regardless of having children in the game or not. These opportunities enable everyone to get involved and help grow the sport in Calgary.

“There are various ways to get involved in the sport, well beyond playing the game,” added Kobelka. “We are always encouraging involvement in the sport and provide volunteer opportunities throughout the season.”

Early registration for the 2022-2023 season will begin between June 15 and July 1, 2022, depending on a player’s community association. To find out what community association you need to register for, click here. Registration links will be available closer to the early registration date.

For more information about Hockey Calgary, how to get involved or to find out what stream is right for your family, visit

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