Here’s How to Take Your Financial Business to New Heights!

Travis Ray Chaney’s first book, Turbo Growth, fueled a discussion about how financial advisors should build their businesses.

In his new follow-up, The 3 CEOs: The Three Most Important Roles Entrepreneurial Financial Advisors Play, Chaney raises the stakes by challenging financial professionals to assume the three essential roles of entrepreneurial leadership as they take their businesses to new heights:

– Chief Executive Officer

– Cultural Excellence Officer

– Client Experience Officer

According to Chaney, the three CEOs model yields exponential results in the face of continual change and disruption, aiming to help readers:

– Build a framework of personal principles and beliefs

– Translate those beliefs into a company culture based on those values

– Position their businesses to provide a client experience that can’t be matched

The 3 CEOs provides practical tools, proven strategies and real-life examples to help position readers for success and put them well on their way to becoming better people, spouses, parents and friends.

“Taking your business to the next level begins in your head,” Chaney said. “You must know who you are and what you stand for. An extraordinary life is something you get by looking inward first. For many who have gone through this process, it’s been the greatest adventure imaginable.”

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