Topper’s Pizza is Canada’s first pizzeria chain to offer lactose-free mozzarella

New survey shows Ontarians lead country in cheese FOMO and lactose intolerance pain

Ontario pizza lovers will be the first people in the country to have the option of lactose-free mozzarella from a Canadian pizzeria chain starting today, as Topper’s Pizza announced Canada’s first such offering as a menu alternative.

The award-winning pizza chain, with four decades of satisfying pizza cravings in neighbourhoods across Ontario at 37 locations, now offers Galbani Professionale lactose-free pizza mozzarella. Produced by Lactalis, the mozzarella is made with 100 per cent Canadian milk and has the same great taste, stretchiness, and golden browning as traditional mozzarella – without the uncomfortable symptoms.

“Galbani is the number one cheese in Italy – with over 140-years of history, which is one of many reasons we are proud to partner with them,” said Marie Fennell, President of Topper’s Pizza. “Lactose intolerant customers should feel confident they can now indulge in a great pizza experience with our lactose-free offering without discomfort.”

Ontario leads country in feeling cheese FOMO and lactose-intolerance pain: Survey
In a new Angus Reid survey commissioned by Topper’s Pizza, Ontario led the country with 26 per cent answering yes to having food allergies or sensitivities (including lactose). Additionally, provincial residents topped the nation with sentiments such as: “I love cheese but can’t take the pain and discomfort” and “I feel excluded when friends or people around me eat cheesy foods or pizza.”

Ontarians, especially younger adults, feel the freedom to feed family worry free
Among those answering, seven-in-10 Ontarians (69%) said having a lactose free option allows them the freedom to feed their family worry free. This sentiment was especially strong with younger Ontarians (79% for 18-34, 59% for 35-54 and 69% for 55+).

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